Another heart quilt in the making, I just love heart shapes and always love the opportunity to make heart quilt blocks.

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This quilt in progress is a new start late last year. When I first saw the pattern, I knew straight away that I wanted to make it. Something about the alternate blocks and the varieties of the heart quilt blocks that makes me want to jump right in and start piecing. 

I also love the idea of making a few of the same quilt blocks on repeat. I find myself getting bored of making too many of the same quilt blocks, so patterns like this are always something that interests me. 

heart quilt pink quilt

Using fabrics from my stash of pinks and corals, I started making the blocks for the quilt.

Together Quilt Pattern and Tutorials:

Quilting Tools and Notions I used:

Heart Quilt Blocks 

The pinks and corals of this quilt are making heart fleet around as I make these heart quilt blocks. 

I love it when I get to mix and match what I have in stash in a quilt. 

heart quilt

heart quilt block

Strip Pieced Heart Quilt Blocks

These strip pieced ones took a little longer to piece, but they are fabulous. The more patches the better right?

striped heart quilt blocks

And then there are the alternating blocks. 

mushroom fabric

I am using these mushroom fabrics for the four patches, they’re super cute and have been in my stash for quite a while. I thought it would be nice to finally use them since I have the required amount just for the job.

The only thing about using this mushroom fabric is that it is directional, so I have to make sure that the mushrooms are all upright.

Well, will anyone notice? But I try to anyway cause it’s fun. 

Strip Piecing Four Patches

Stripology Ruler helps make strip piecing a breeze. I highly recommend this ruler. A little pricey for the large one, but so easy to use. And I can’t tell you how often I am so glad I have this ruler and how it has help in making tons of scrips in matter of minutes and without the hassle of moving the rulers and the fabrics for each cut. 

You can check out Stripology Ruler here or here on Amazon


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Finding time to sew

I am hoping to finish off the alternating blocks in the next few weeks as I sew a couple of minutes a day. Yes, lately I have not had much of a sewing time but a little progress can go a long way!

Even the above video is not even done in one day. Can you believe it?

I sometimes only have time to do one step of the process. Sometimes I get to press a couple of strips. Sometimes to sew a couple of seams. It all adds up. Trust me. This is why I love patchwork! 

If you have been struggling to find time to sew, maybe you’re aiming to sew for a whole block of time of an hour. Ideally, that would be awesome.. but sometimes, a few minutes can also do wonders!

Till next time, 

Let me know in the comment, do you like heart quilt blocks too?

Happy quilting!


  1. Leslie Fitzgerald Reply

    I LOVE heart quilts. Your fabric pull for your quilt is fabulous and your hearts look GREAT! I like those strip-pieced hearts. I may make this pattern – all depends on how soon I get my February project done. I must complete 2 UFO before I start another quilt…ugh.

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