I have a couple of projects going on at the moment. None of them is really at the finish end, but I am really enjoying the process and jumping from one project to another.

However, my sewing room is not loving it that much. More projects at one time also mean that lots of things are out of their box and literally they are everywhere.

Well, I probably need to get back to focus on one or two projects only at a time soon as I am getting the overwhelming feeling with the mess around already. I still need to think how I can easily have all my fabrics ready to cut without folding them back again.

I have ironed most of the fabrics for the Patchwork Barn which I introduced to you earlier in this post. Since I plan for a scrappy quilt, I have many, many, many fabrics around.

I am thinking of hanging it on the hanger till next use.

Anyway, this few weeks have gotten me some great progress on the blocks. And in this post, I’ll share the progress of my Patchwork Barn Quilt with you.

Patchwork Barn Sampler Quilt Blue Quilt progress The quilt Show block of the month

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Patchwork Barn Block of The Month

If you are interested to know, this is a block of the month series for The Quilt Show Members this year.

And if you’ve been around TLMC for some time, you know how much I love Edyta Sitar’s work.

I knew I wanted to make this quilt because I so love the idea of a blue and white quilt. And I simply can’t resist sampler quilt.

These are 6″ blocks!

Patchwork Barn Sampler Quilt is a little different than sampler quilts I have made before in a way that each of the blocks are actually repeated 3 times. Which means, there are three of each block design.

I really do love this for the fact that it made me fall in love even more with the process of making these blocks.

A little longer time is spent making each block design as there are three of them to make at one time. And the fact that you can see the variation of the blocks with different fabrics. Just love it. 

Well, the pattern didn’t ask for different fabrics for each block. The pattern is written for the same fabrics, same block design. I decided to make them scrappier looking, so I used all different fabrics.

So it took much longer to complete each of the design. I know – I like to make things complicated 😛

Patchwork Barn Quilt Sample Quilt Block Progress FREE block of the month at The Quilt Show


Picking Blues

I was actually worried that my blues weren’t cohesive enough together. However, as I lay them side by side and randomly placing them about, I think they are not too bad.

Would not be looking like Edyta’s for sure, but surely me.

A much brighter version of a blue quilt.

Piecing Skill

I altered the cutting measurements and did some calculation myself to suit my piecing method. The patterns mostly call for half square triangles (HST) that are from individually cut HST which I find hard to follow as I can never get my little pieces the exact size if they were cut to the exact size.

Usually, I  like to trim my smaller patchwork blocks like HSTs as they are more accurate that way.

Learned that trick from many mistakes making many sampler quilts before. 

Since these were pretty small, I am using this tool to help me guide the fabrics under the foot. Which made the piecing more accurate.

I am improving my piecing skill, and this quilt has definitely made sure I did so.


Red Quilts Someday?

You know, making a blue quilt also makes me want to make a red quilt someday. Edyta also has a new red quilt sampler block of the month going on HERE. 

I must say, it is a pretty quilt. Got to love the layout of that quilt.

I was tempted. But hopefully, I can manage to not start yet another quilt project before closing in some of the ones I already have in hand.


Planning Ahead

I will be coming back to this quilt in a few or several more weeks, but in the meantime, I am putting it aside to finish off a quilt and a mini pattern.

I am doing it block of the month style as I feel like batch-working this was way more efficient.


what is on your quilting plate?

What are you currently working on?

Let me know in the comment!


  1. Kara Benavides Reply

    Your blues quilt looks like a lot of fun. I have too many quilts in progress and laying out in my sewing room also. Some have said that I like caos. But that is not true. I just have a very busy brain/imagination/design ethic. (choose one). But it has gotten too much. So I have stopped to try and organize the mess a bit better. Time to sort the 100% cotton stash by color and so I can easily see it. I am currently working on 2 kits, 2 of my own design, and one Jen Kingwell. Three of those are scrappy. MUST organize, at least a little more. Oh! Almost forgot. I just got a Janome 8900. Used. I absolutely love it. And you were the reason I decided on it. Your 8200 was harder to find. Very little difference. It is such a treat!

    • littlemushroomcap@gmail.com Reply

      Hi Kara,

      Your projects all sounds like a lot of fun. And your new machine! How exciting. I am sure you are going to love it. Have fun sewing and quilting with it. I think the 8900 have more features, which makes it all better.

  2. Love the Blues you picked. I think a quilt is more interesting when little pops of brightness is added.
    I started another new quilt last night for my daughter. It’s a mix up of different blocks..a bit Anthropologie, Bohemian looking with traditional primitive fabric.
    I NEED to get the 3 quilts bound before the weekend. I always put that off.

    Can’t wait to see your barns completed, such a sweet quilt and I’m tempted to start that too…but nooooo, I MUST finish what I’ve already started lol

    • littlemushroomcap@gmail.com Reply

      Ooo I love the idea of bohemian and antropologie.. must be a beautiful quilt there. I can’t wait to put this blue quilt together too, but I am afraid is not any sooner. Have fun binding off those quilts!! I have none at that stage yet, will need to work on them.

  3. Lu Anne Scott Reply

    It seems like if you have 5 blues they don’t go together at all but if you have 25 blues they look pretty good and if you have 105 blues they look fabulous together!!
    All the more reason to save that last 12″ of a two inch strip. Plus the trip down memory lane when you see the pieces in a quilt and remember where/ when/ why you bought it.
    I love the way that changing value placement give the same block a whole new look!

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