W.I.P: Something Blue

Progress matters than perfection.

Little by little you’ll get there.

I love that the process of making a quilt is really about making small progress each day/each session you have.

It reminds you that in life if you want anything – make progress towards it every day. Even just a tiny step.

Even if it just means what you do that day is simply a two minute pray.

I believe in miracles, I believe in the impossible.

I believe that all big things come with little steps. 

And I hope all of you are making that tiny steps towards whatever you are aiming for, be it a calming life, a farmhouse life (my dream), a creative dream or even just to live life the fullest.

Best read for the little progress, big dreams: Cultivate + Make it Happen. 

Anyway, today I have a little update on what’s cooking in my sewing room:

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Here was my plan I mentioned in my last w.i.p post:

  • continue quilting double wedding ring quilt,
  • work on my next APQ UFO challenge, which I am excited about – the Chicken and Hen blocks.
  • just do anything that pops up – and explore!
  • watch Suzy’s class and maybe even try to squeeze that project in. I have been meaning to do this since the new year

How did I do?

Double Wedding Ring + Chicken and Hen Blocks.

I only quilted one ring of my double wedding ring.

Then I put on my quarter inch sewing foot to start making progress on the Chicken and Hen Block.

The blocks were fun to make but I am now regretting the fact I only chose the colours based on each individual block and not as a whole project.

I used my printable HST sheets for this. And making small HST is a breeze without trimming! I have a tutorial here if you are interested.

Therefore, now I have three blocks that don’t really match each other.

There is two choice now. Either I made them into individual project. Pillows might be best or to proceed making more blocks with the colours blending in to the other blocks to make more of a connection.

But I think I am going with the former idea – I really love the individual blocks and the blocks were fun to make, but I am kind of unsure whether I like the colours altogether as one item.

I’ll come back to them when I feel better about them.

What do you think?

New project + Suzy’s Class

I was actually guilty of starting a new project. But I am trying not to feel so. I am so glad I did write it in my last post that it is my plan to explore anyway! It made feel so much better today that it was actually planned!

I wanted to embrace more Joy in the making process. It doesn’t have to be a finished product in the end, but if it does even very slowly, I don’t want to feel guilty or obligated to it. I just want to enjoy the process.

And this project I started surely reminds me how much I love simple patchwork!

I am making a blue quilt inspired by

I am only using blue from my stash. Shopping in my own stash. I thought I didn’t have many blue in my stash. Well surprise, surprise.. really great to just be shopping your own stash before going to buy more fabrics right? Um.. or not.. hehe.

Patches of Blue by Edyta Sitar – check price by clicking image

The quilt I am making is ” Patchwork Barn” by Edyta Sitar. Currently, it is available for Star Members of The Quilt Show.

I am a renewed member this year and I thought I might just take the advantage of doing the BOM too. The blue quilt was the one really pulling me in.

Look at the back of this patchwork block! I even press them with thoughts 🙂

Overall, I really enjoyed this the most for this week. It reminds me how much I just love to do simple patchwork.


As for Suzy’s classI did watch the first and the second lesson this week. I love the idea of those lessons and although I am not a homework kind of person, I am going to try the project in there for a gift to a friend. And… I already have something else brewing in my head to use the technique and interpret it in my own way.

Because I am passionate about learning new things, I became a Craftsy Unlimited member. I wrote about this in
detail here
if you are wondering what that is.


How about You?

What are you working on this week?


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