A quick quilt top finish is always a great project in between other quilts and when you are lost searching for that quilting mojo.

I haven’t been active here on the blog or on my other platform due to my low energy (I am pregnant with my 3rd Baby) and other focuses that seem to be taking over these days.

Things are a little better with my health, but my quilting mojo is still yet to be recovered. I am in nesting mode and have been spending my spare time decluttering everywhere around my home. Well, that is where I have been spending my time these last few days.

In this post, I am sharing with you a quick finish of my son’s truck quilt. He is already four years old and I haven’t made him any quilt before. So, I think it is about time (LOL, it could have been earlier)

Simple quick quilt _ kids quilt truck quilt

I bought the set of fat quarters set of the retro Tonka Truck from HERE.

I love the primary colors and my son seems to like the trucks too. He is in that phase of loving trucks.


Sew and Cut Technique – link to FREE pattern

A simple pattern was perfect for this quilt as I wanted to keep the fabric shine and be the star rather than the pattern.

Thankfully, this free quilt pattern came to the rescue.

The initial fabric cutting was of large pieces making it so much faster to get prepped.  

The quilt top was made by piecing large pieces together and cutting them, which lessens the time and hassle. 

Simple quick quilt _ kids quilt-4

Overall the quilt was a fun way to give me that little boost and sense of satisfaction. I am going to be basting the quilt soon together with my other quilt top. 

Then comes the fun part – free motion quilting them! For now, I think that one of the simple free motion quilting design would be perfect for this quilt. 

Well, till then – I’ll update here again. 


  1. Suzanne Gabel Reply

    Assalamu alaykum Amira.
    I hope I’ve spelled that correctly; I know there’s more than one way to spell it in English but this may not be the most acceptable to you. If not, please accept my apology.
    I am SO glad to see a posting from you. I was getting a little worried but I understand now and I’m glad your absence was for a such a wonderful reason and not Covid 19 or such. Due to our age, my husband and I still can’t go out much because he’s very vulnerable. We’re both getting tired of not being able to visit family and friends.
    The truck quilt is adorable. I can’t imagine any little boy not liking it.
    Be safe, be healthy and have a happy, healthy baby.
    All my best,

    • littlemushroomcap@gmail.com Reply

      I hear you Suzanne, the situation is exhausting with covid19 and all the worries. Let us all pray that this will be over soon. It will be over, but it will take time and I guess the best thing we can do now is to focus on the positive, enjoy the little things and get connected with family through any media possible. I wish you and husband will be safe and soon will be free to see your family.

  2. Gail Hendrickson Reply

    Hi, I took your course last fall and want to repeat it. It was a great course I do not know my sign in. Can you help me. Thanks.

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