I’m excited to share a finished quilt with you today. I must admit, this is probably one of my favorite quilts I’ve made so far.

I adore the colors in this quilt—the house quilt blocks, the scrappy low-volume background, and, to top it all off, I was thrilled with the swirl design I chose for the quilting.

Free Motion Quilting Swirls of Air & Scalloped Rooftop

Quilting this didn’t take long since the houses weren’t densely quilted. I opted for a custom design: simple freehand straight-line quilting for the houses and a scalloped rooftop.

As I was halfway through quilting this, the crisis in the Middle East began. The distressing news made free-motion quilting incredibly therapeutic. Although I finished the quilting, the escalating violence in P4lestin3 made it difficult for me to bring myself to bind the quilt for weeks. That’s unusual for me—I’m usually quick to bind after quilting. But I managed to complete it just in time for a celebration with my mother-in-law, as I had promised to gift it to her.

Every time I look at the beautiful homes in this quilt, I silently hope that in the afterlife, God will grant more beautiful homes to those who have lost theirs in this world due to war crimes. Every innocent person deserves to live in a safe home without the fear of bombs paid for by another country’s citizens’ taxes.

I know this might veer off track, but I can’t unsee what I’ve witnessed. As the killings persist, I’ll keep raising awareness about this issue. Please don’t solely rely on TV news and mainstream media—they often propagate only a part of the truth. Choose your sources wisely, be compassionate, and keep praying for guidance.

Picking Quilt Binding Fabric

Returning to the quilt story, I sought opinions on my Instagram about which binding fabric to choose among these three options.

The stripes and red dots were the clear winners. I ultimately decided on the red dots as they lend a calming effect to the quilt. I love how it allows the neighborhood to feel free and open.

It’s sentimental to what’s happening now. I don’t wish for anyone, regardless of their beliefs—Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Christian, or others—to live in an open prison, let alone be killed for their faith.

Nevertheless, I believe both binding choices would have been great. I would love either one and I also noticed that the striped binding had the same colors of the P4lestin3’s flag which would have been great to tie up with the history that we are seeing. 

Gifting the Quilt

I gifted the quilt during a short vacation with my in-laws. I hope she loves it and to be honest, this house quilt began with her in mind. I know with what she’s gone through taking care of my late father-in-law in a coma for almost 10 years, she deserves all the beautiful homes in the hereafter life too!

I’m sure I’ll make another house quilt in the future—they’re so enjoyable to create!

I made sure to put one of the quilt labels I had made from the Quilt Label Wizard on the back of the quilt before quilting it too. The quilt finishes at 65″ x 70″.

Well, that concludes the story of this quilt. If you’re interested in making one too, you can find the pattern HERE>  Sweet Home Quilt and find more inspiration for the same quilt HERE>  feed for the Sweet Home quilt-along

If you love the scrappy low volume fabrics, you can find lots of Low Volume Fabrics bundles HERE>

Previous quilt along by Sharon and Maureen that I have previously joined in:


  1. Am going to unsubscribe from your site.
    I joined to receive interesting fun info about quilting. Your comments about the palestinian/Israeli situation on your blog is very offensive to me. You can post whatever you want on your own site. But I don’t wish to read it on a quilting blog.
    There are plenty of great quilting sites available. I really do not need yours.

  2. Melody Ballenberg Reply

    Amira, I’m so sorry you received a negative comment on this post, just because you expressed compassion for victims of war.
    The commenter was right about one thing – there are plenty of great quilting sites available. And yours is one of the best. I really DO need your site.
    And your house quilt turned out great!

  3. Thanks so much for keeping the traditions alive and well. I know your family will love this new quilt, and maybe tell the story on the lable. I made a quilt for my 25th wedding anniversary and the label tells the story and meaning of every block, it’s 8 1/2 ” x 11″ – on the fabric you buy especially for labels. When I can no longer tell the story, I want people to remember. I also did that on a quilt – all the blocks were shaped the same but different colors for each family member.
    I’m very glad to hear the “other side” of the news. The news loses so much when the TV only shows 3 minutes of something so huge. And knowing who to trust with the news? Thanks and please keep doing what you are doing. We love it.

  4. Your comments seemed humane, compassionate and appropriate to me. They were not offensive (and none of us are paying for a “sanitized” blog).

  5. Amira, your house quilt is delightful and charming. I enjoy your blog I hope you don’t pay any attention to that mean post. If you can’t express your feelings and opinions on your own blog, where can you?

  6. Amen. We all need to pray for people & politicians making decisions. Everyone in a war zone is living in terror. I still experience those feelings that started Oct 6, 1973. And I cry for the children on both sides. The adults need to start acting like adults.

  7. I love your house quilt. I love your heart of compassion for all. Praying for peace. There are no winners in war. It’s heartbreaking.

  8. Amira,
    I love the quilt and so happy that it is staying in your family. Your comment about the binding is so appropriate.
    I appreciate your comments on the situation today. To me, it fits perfectly with my experience of a compassionate quilting community.
    Take care.

  9. I agree, I am not the least bit offended by your comments. I am also very thankful that you care enough to share your feelings and that you are asking for prayer. I am currently working on a quite that I am praying over. This quilt will make it’s way into the war zone. I have no idea who will receive it, but God does and that’s all that matters.

    Thank you for share your Sweet Home Quilt. I am sure your mother-in-law will cherish it. Also, thanks for the time you spend writing and sharing your work with all of us!

  10. Susan Burch Reply

    I am in love with this quilt and totally agree with you about the devastating effects of this war. Please don’t stop being openly compassionate the world needs more of that now. I am also going to look for the pattern link to do maybe next year. Praying for all those in need and standing in support with you.

  11. Obviously, we need more compassion in this world. You have a tender and kind heart. You are an encourager. Those attributes are much needed among creators of quilts, and among those who we trust to craft peace and equality in our world. Thank you for being you, and setting a much needed example.

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