A fun finish to share with you in this post. I shared this table runner in progress in my recent Quilty Tube, so if you’ve watched that, here it is, all done and ready to be used. 

Moda HoneyBun Project: Quilted Table Runner

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This project is one of the Sew Sampler Box projects and I tweaked the pattern a little bit to make two table runners instead of one single long one. 

I love the fact that the Sew Sampler Box pushes me to make things that I may not make otherwise, not because it’s not pretty but having a monthly subscription kind of kept me accountable to keep on working on projects.

Having a project that comes monthly also keeps me away from thinking about a project too much on whether I should do it, what pattern and fabric should I use and etc. 

The Sew Sampler Box comes with most of the materials to get started on the projects, they package the finishing kit separately as well if you are interested to use what the pattern calls for. 

For this project, I just raided my stash for the solid background, binding, and backing. Finishing up half-provided kits is always a good reason to bust out some stash. Kind of gets you in the creative mode too in trying to work it all out. 

Fabrics used for this quilted table runners

Quilting Tools and Notions I used:

Strip Piecing

The piecing comes together pretty quickly as strip piecing is involved. 

I took the time to press the seams open and really did enjoy all the piecing all the while we are home during this 3rd Lockdown. 

How wide are the quilted table runners?

the table runner 18″ x 57″ and the other is 2″ shorter which means it is 18″ x 55″.

Moda HoneyBun Project: Quilted Table Runner


I basted with pins as I am yet to try and make a homemade basting spray. Will surely be making the basting spray as I am currently loving my homemade starch spray. 

I also batch work the basting process with a few other projects as I mentioned in this Quilty Tube which went pretty well and was definitely time-saving.

The two runners are quilted with different quilting designs. 

Grid-Based Orange Peel Quilting Design

Moda HoneyBun Project: Quilted Table Runner

As I mentioned in my last Quilty Tube, I had issues with my marking tools. I am in need to get some Friction pens for sure! That was the best for this grid line markings. Can’t wait for the lockdown to be over, and honestly till all this pand3mic to be over.


Decorative Stitches Machine Quilting (walking foot quilting) 

Moda HoneyBun Project: Quilted Table Runner


I also have another project which was made from the leftover blocks. I am planning to turn this into a pillow to match the runners. This one is quilted with lovely random swirly feathers. 

A little photo styling

Well, I tried to style the photo with some props, but honestly, I don’t have many props.  I have been meaning to get some way before Cov. thing. I also need to get new house plants and cute vases. 

But this one surely fun. 

My kids ended up wanting to have tea, so I prepared them some. So, they officially use the runner for the first time. Of course, I kept telling them not to spill anything. LOL. I am not sure I have the heart to use while we eat at the table.. hmmmmm. 


This one is on top of a drawer. I feel like I should have made it just the right size for the top instead of falling off on the sides. Oh well… lesson learned. 

They are both beautiful and I am so happy with them. Now I need to get the pillow out of the lefotover blocks done and maybe that drawer will look a little nicer with a decorative pillow on top too. 



  1. Beautiful table runner! Love the fabric and pattern. Great idea to use decorative stitches for quilting.

  2. I receive the Sew Sampler box, also. I have not started this table runner yet, I am really quite behind on my boxes. I pull them out when the mood strikes me, I guess. Just wondering why there were so many leftover blocks that you were able to make 2 table runners and a pillow. That’s great! I wouldn’t mind doing the same thing. I sometimes like when my table runners run off the edge. Yours are beautiful!

    • Well the pattern is for a really long runner or the option to turn it into a lap quilt. I used the whole honeybun except a few (mybe 3 strips).. and I just made the blocks without counting how many I’ll actually need. Hence I got some extras. Which was fine cause I like to make use of them as much as I can before I toss them in the scrap bin..

  3. They are lovely table runners, and I like the fabric colours too. Nice quilting for beginners as well. Two cute little boys having tea too.

  4. I think your kids make great props 🙂 So do the cookie canisters. Nice table runners!

  5. Chris Abraham Reply

    Your email was very timely, arriving today! I have just begun a (round, well, hexagonal) table topper for my suster, using up scraps and graduated hexagons I’d ‘made earlier’ – i.e. years ago! Because of the huge variety of colours and patterns, I want to space rows of hexies with a plain base colour, and seeing your lovely table topper has confirmed that white or cream is the way to go.
    When my sister’s is fiished, I have a bunch of coordinated FQs ready to follow your pattern for a table topper for mysekf.
    Thank you for your constant inspiration.

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  7. Roxy Sherburne Reply

    Hello, Amira!

    Love this easy table runner from FQS. What is the name of the pattern, and how can I get a copy of the pattern. Looks like this was from 2020 Sew Sampler Box, and I did not subscribe yet when this box was offered. I’m currently a subscriber. Please advise how I can get a copy of this pattern.
    Thank you, Amira!

  8. I’m sorry, but I can’t find the pattern for this tabletop. I’m not very computer savvy. I looked back in your postings, but couldn’t find it. I’d like to use this pattern and make it into a bed quilt.

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