Quilting Books On Sale. What to add to the Quilt Library?

I am just popping in quickly to let you know a great deal of quilting books on sale!

I love collecting and browsing through quilting books, and magazines…

They are just eye candy. And I love it that whenever I don’t have a project in mind, I can always refer to any of them and pick up some new inspiration and be ready to go.

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quilt book on sale

My choice if I can skip shipping cost

Ugh… yes, shipping cost is usually what makes me cringe.

And take back all the books out of the cart.

But if I really can skip the shipping cost, here’s a list what I’ll pick up

Modern Quilt Magic

Fascinated by Victoria’s quilt making, I have had this in my cart ever since it came out in my amazon cart, but I went and purchase Superior threads instead (cause I really need that) and had to leave this until next time. But now it is on Sale, so I am rethinking it.

Stitched Sewing Organizer

I love small projects, and this is a great book that lots of that. Besides, I keep seeing people make cute stuff from this book on Instagram that I am tempted to buy this too. I think it is a great resource book for small, quick projects to have in my book stash.

Edyta Sitar’s Patches of Blue


Quilter’s Patch

I love Edyta’s work and her book is amazing. I really do love this first book I bought and still enjoy browsing through it again and again. So many amaaaazing quilts in there. So I figured her other books would great too and I would want to make a stash of them.

Utility Style Quilts

I am a follower of Sharon’s blog and Instagram, and I have been seeing this pop up and I love the laid-back style of the quilts and the photography behind them. Maybe it is a great book to sit back and just enjoy.. do you have one?

Start With Strips

I love buying Jelly Rolls. But I always end up not using them as I thought I would. Maybe I need a reference book, cause everytime I get into searching on pinterest then I rarely start – cause I kind of got stuck on Pinterest. Haha.

any so many more to choose from!!

but since I am going to have to think about shipping cost, I’ll probably just pick the top two. Or what do you think?

If you want to check out the books on sale, click here to take you straight there.

While you are there and if you decide to pick up some books,

check out some of the tools and notions on sale too!

Let me know what do you want to add to your shelf? 

Or if you have some of the books I wanted, would you share your thoughts about them? I’d love to hear reviews before I buy them. Thanks!

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  1. I actually just purchased (and received in my mail yesterday) “Stitched Sewing Organizers”. I’ve looked at all of the projects and I’m sure I will sew a few of them down the road. They are useful and I can use the fabric I have on hand. “Start With Strips” is a little my style. However, I have not purchased Jelly Rolls. Maybe I’ll start!

    • littlemushroomcap@gmail.com

      Awesome. I love little projects. I am pretty sure there’ll be some inside there that I will love to sew but sadlynitnis already out of stock at Connecting Thread during this sale. I will need to order from amazon soon then.. thanks for your comment on the book!

  2. Kara

    You sound like me when I first discovered sewing books and magazines. I remember my first hard-back, “American Quilting” from the 1980’s. I soaked in every letter of every work and each picture. I still feel that sense of “Wow” every time I am able to buy another. The book in my cart right now is Amanda Murphy’s “Free-motion Quilting Idea Book.” I have checked it out of my local library so many times, I can’t remember. I have it now. lol

    • littlemushroomcap@gmail.com

      So true. I do love to soaked through magazine and books. Sometimes I just quickly browse through, sometime I sit on one page just taking it all in. I love having a library of useful books like the one we can refer to often. The book you have on that free motion quiltingg sounds like a great one to have too!

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