Here I am on the day on the awaited tour for Sharon’s new book –

Quilting on The Go: English Paper Piecing Book

Firstly first, I am so honoured to be asked by Sharon to be a part of the tour and to receive this advance copy by Tula Publishing. I have always admired Sharon’s work and to be a part of this tour is an amazing opportunity (I may have squealed and jumped up and down telling my hubby about it when I Sharon asked… hehe)


This post contain affiliate links for your convenience and the book was given to me as a part of the tour. However, all opinion are honest and comes from me. You can find my full disclosure here.

Anyway, as I love English paper Piecing, it was a no brainer YES to join the book tour. I love the cover page of the book featuring some of the best project in the book. So, immediately my head said I wanted to try that Celestial Star Quilt – the centre main photo of the book cover.  However, I knew that I would not have enough time to make it in time for the book tour. Besides, there were many more projects in the book that is so gorgeous to try out too!

I love that the book has different size projects from small quilts, small items to large quilts. Therefore it is perfect for picking the right one that’ll suit your time. Besides, I can easily see that they are interchangeable, meaning that one EPP pattern can be used for another project.

Quilting on The Go: English Paper Piecing Book

As I flickered through the book, I kept switching my thoughts to making the pouch or the Dilly Bag or the Quilt Block Keeper. All of them are quite a small project that I can handle right now in the business of life with the littles.

I finally decided on the Quilt Block Keeper as I had all my Sewcial Bee Sampler Block everywhere around the sewing room and thought that it’ll be nice to have one to keep those organized.

I started cutting my templates and picking out fabrics.

While picking put for fabrics, I knew I wanted to do a little bot of fussy cutting for the centre 8 point diamond star.

A flowery inspiration came to me lately and it suits my current Audible listening too. I am currently listening to


Isn’t that book cover just gorgeous?

Besides….I love flowery prints.

I am using Art Gallery Fabrics for this project just because I can’t wait to use this AGF when I received it in the mail. I bought mine from Polka Dot Tea Fabrics. You can also get similar one from the Fat Quarter Shop.


I love how it turned out. This pattern is so beautiful.

The EPP block itself is huge. It turned out 14 inches square finished. I have patched it to the other side and free motion quilted it.

I chose a solid for the back of the book and free motion quilt some feathers. Small projects are always a great place to practice some free motion quilting.

This is my first time using variegated thread.  I am loving how it turns out and how blend-able it is.

While my plan was to finish the project book in time for this post, God has better plans.

It turns out that I had to finish writing this post in a hospital, and I didn’t get to finish my project book yet.

Don’t worry, my son is getting better (had a bit of chest infection) and hopefully he can be discharged tomorrow or so.

In the meantime, I am enjoying my sweet time with him and some youtube watching 🙂

I hope you enjoy the post! Sorry but I gotta make it short this time round and didn’t have time to edit photos…

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    This book is on my “to get” list. I want to make the Quilt Block Keeper!

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