Sometime a good simple patchwork is all you need to work on. Here is a simple patchwork baby quilt I made last weekend.

A good simple patches, a large 5″ -10″ are good to patch together in rows then rows together.

Especially when you need a quick baby quilt, like a quilt in a day style. 

I basically cut 5″ squares and start playing with the layout.

I pieced the quilt, basted and quilted this in a weekend. On and off, calmly. Not even on a rush, but I did finish it off that afternoon that I was to gift it away.

While I usually baste with the spray baste, I ran out of my favourite basting spray (linked HERE) and I was having difficulty getting access to buy some. They don’t ship it internationally. Sadly. But I love these curved basting pins. It wasn’t a big quilt, so it was okay to deal with.


I also recorded the process of basting this quilt and free motion quilting it for the Free Motion Quilting Bootcamp. So, if you are in the program, you can check that out in the bonus unit. If you are not in the program, and would love to be, make sure you sign up for the waiting list HERE>


I free motion quilt the quilt with a large loop de loop design. It came together pretty fast. I love the density of the larger and closer loops too.

The fabric is all from one line, and I picked a solid that matches for the border. As much as I like mix matching fabric, I also love keeping bundle together. Something that I feel like a greta opportunity. Maybe seems like a cheat but I really do appreciate the designers putting the fabrics together in the line. 

I didn’t have any leftover fabric that is large enough for the binding that will match the quilt. So I decided to piece the leftovers and make a scrappy binding instead.

I think it was very fitting with the random patchwork squares.

Have you ever made a scrappy binding before?


I asked my big boy to hold the quilt for me, and he insist to have his face shown too in one of the photo. 

And then the little one came too with a pillow to show off. So I had to take that photo too. And he’s learning to make the peace sign with his hand. He tried. LOL

The pillow was an older scrappy project which I blogged about HERE>

Simple Patchwork Baby Quilt Details:

Size :  32″ x 32″

Fabric : Art Gallery Fabric Harvest Bound by April Rhodes (You can find similar design by April HERE)

Quilting : Free Motion Quilted with Janome Horizon 8200 Loop de Loop design


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  1. I screenshot/copied a recipe for homemade basting spray that uses household items. I haven’t tried it as I found it after I splurged on 2 cans of 505. Email me your address and I will email you the recipe. I would put it in this message but I don’t know how.

    • littlemushroomcap@gmail.com Reply

      Sounds awesome Susan. I saw one with isopropanol and that is not something I have in hand or at home. Here is my email address : hello at thelittlemushroomcap dot com

      • Hi Amira!
        Isopropanol is just simple rubbing alcohol and should be available at any pharmacy. Hope this is helpful.

  2. My ipad keeps saying that the email address that you gave me is invalid and won’t send it. I emailed the recipe to your gmail. Let me know if you don’t get it.

  3. The quilt is charming! Don’t we just love a quick, pretty project!?
    But beyond that, your little boys are ADORABLE!!

  4. Suzanne G. Reply

    We have a new member of our quilting group at church and even though she can sew, she’s a little intimidated by cutting and piecing a quilt. This pattern is perfect for her!
    Your little ones are precious. It seems like yesterday that you were pregnant with your 2nd boy, and now your little girl is up and walking! You must be EXTREMELY organized to do all you do.

  5. Hello….I love your quilts and your content, but I have to stop looking at your blog. I want to see your wonderful pictures, but every time I look at a pic, an ad immediately covers it. Too frustrating! Thought I’d let you know as I am sure other people leave your blog for the same reason.

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