Welcome to the series of my slow stitching projects documentation.

Basically, I wanted to document the slow progress of my hand-stitched projects on a weekly/bi-weekly basis for a couple of reasons:

  1. I wanted to make myself accountable and make sure I do sit and enjoy hand-stitching at least one session per week.
  2. Documenting progress is always something I love to do. In fact, that is why this blog started anyway.
  3. To create excitement even with little progress. Small progress does matter!
  4. I hope I can inspire you to do the same too. So share your slow stitching projects you’re working on too in the comments.

For this week, what has been growing?

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I progressed a little more by finishing up the diamond I showed last week.

I am pretty happy with it.

English paper piecing

You know, I keep seeing the finished quilt photo on the cover of the book, and I just can’t wait to get mine done. Those applique parts are going to be challenging, but I can’t wait till I get to that part too.

It is all exciting, and although I can’t wait till mine is looking like that finished quilt, I am enjoying every little stitch.

This week I stitched while listening to a podcast and basted some pieces while watching TV with my sons.


If you want to make one too – this one is a pattern from this book which I totally love and highly recommend.

(Notes: The book always goes out of stock – if you happen to find it available, grab it. You’ll love the projects and all the eye candy in there)

English paper piecing

I have made the correct size hexagon template 7/8″ called in that pattern that I share with you on the TLMC Resource library too. This one has quotes on them!

Check this post for that.



This week, I also made some basted elongated Hexagons for my Lucy Boston Quilt. 

I am fussy cutting with intention to get a secondary pattern from the layout of the shapes. I love how this one is turning out. I haven’t piece them together yet, and I don’t think I will just yet. Will be collecting the basted pieces in this new box I got till I travel and bring this box to piece them together into blocks.

English paper piecing

I am loving the potential of fussy cutting in this block. And to be honest, after seeing the Lucy Boston Quilts I shared over in my last three of 3 posts, I am getting all excited already thinking of how I would quilt it!

English paper piecing


English paper piecing

I have made an printable template for this Lucy Boston Block which I share  on the TLMC Resource library. 

Check this post to see how easy you can cut printable templates I made. (The videos in there are for hexagons, but this is just an elongated hexagons, therefore, the method is still the same)

Giveaway Winner!

Last 2 weeks I open up a giveaway to win this book, and thank you to all of you who entered. I picked up a random winner this week,

and that winner is : CYNTHIA WILBANKS! Will be in touch via email very soon. Congrats!!

How about you?

What has been progressing this week?

I am linking to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.









  1. Tammy Selby Reply

    I am a newcomer to your newsletter, finding you through the Hexie template with quilting messages (on Pinterest)! I’m also a newbie to quilting in general, so I look forward to learning more with your blog.

  2. Kathryn Potter Reply

    I am trying to find 1″ elongated hexagon papers to print out as well as 1″ squares. I cannot locate any. Do you have them on your site?

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