Welcome to the series of my slow stitching projects documentation.

Basically, I wanted to document the slow progress of my hand-stitched projects on a weekly/forthnightly basis for a couple of reasons:

  1. I wanted to make myself accountable and make sure I do sit and enjoy hand-stitching at least one session per week.
  2. Documenting progress is always something I love to do. In fact, that is why this blog started anyway.
  3. To create excitement even with little progress. Small progress does matter!
  4. I hope I can inspire you to do the same too. So share your slow stitching projects you’re working on too in the comments.

For this week, what has been growing?

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I can’t believe I am starting another quilt. Really?

Yes, I am. Not feeling guilty about it, but excited much instead.

Besides, I have just finished a quilt top from a sew-along and it is just the perfect timing to join another sew-along. Those of you who’ve received TLMC newsletter already know that I am going to be joining the Kingfisher Stitch-along.

Kingfisher Stitch-Along

Remember the kingfisher I linked in this 3 of Three Tuesday post. See how it became an inspiration as a quilt – not by me but someone else has taken the inspiration and took action. Ideas and inspirations are everywhere and I believe they float from one creative person to another. It is just a matter of who is going to take the action. This is quoted from .

Anyway, I am excited that someone took action on the inspiration they had! And I am happy to be joining in the fun!

This will be the perfect Quilt Along for a little dose of EPP, scraps and inspirations by the community.

For one, I love the fact that this quilt will not be fully hand-pieced, but will involve machine piecing the diamond blocks together. I might as well machine applique the hexagons onto the background fabric too.

The quilt along is hosted by two inspirational quilter, Jodi of Tales of Cloth (who is amazing at EPP and has a shop selling laser-cut templates) and Rachel from Stitched In Color (who is amazing with colours). So stop by their website and check out their work even if you are not thinking of joining in.

But if you are, I am totally excited to see your version alongside others. Check out this #kingfisherstitchalong.

My plan for the Kingfisher Quilt:

Make the hexagons from scrappy fabrics, all various colours with each one of the flowers scrappy yet in one colour scheme. The background has to be low volume prints. Also scrappy. Pretty much just like the one Jodi has made. I love that look, and want one for myself.

This bundle of low volume has me like —- “aaaa the perfect bundle I need”. I am going through my stash first though, so we’ll see.

Honestly, I have just cleared this table – cause it is the extension table to put my quilt while I am quilting on the machine. And currently I have a quilt that is under the machine (my community sampler quilt). I am almost half-way through quilting that but I have just got to start this project. You can see my quilt peeking at the top of the photo there. I’ll have a finish hopefully soon to share.


So, how about you? are you in?

If you are, let me know what you are planning for the background and the hexy flowers?

I am linking to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.









  1. So fun to start a new project. This one looks like a great way to use up some scraps!

  2. I am using tiny, ,colorful floral prints with solid colors in the centers for my hexies and vibrant solids for the background triangles. This may change as the hexies multiply, however!

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