Welcome to another “Three of 3 on A Tuesday”. I will have THREE things or links of 3 topics for you to visit/read on Tuesday to either showcase tutorials, inspirations, random daily thoughts or it could be any fabric/notion sales running that particular week. So for today, here are the THREE of 3 things:

It has been a while since I last posted three of 3, but you can always visit the archives HERE>

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3 patterns that caught my heart

  1. Since I have just brought back the Aviatrix Medallion, I am already thinking of what’s the next big quilt I am going to make. And I am thinking this pattern is very fitting! I juts love the quarter medallion style. Really a unique pattern. Plus, I already have a fabric bundle that I have been hoarding to use this with. Great time to use what I have already in my fabric stash.
  2. This tree skirt is super cute. I won’t need it, but really would make a lovely rug too wouldn’t?
  3. I have fallen in love many times with the patterns inside this book, so many good ones. The pattern, Sweet Life, page 75 keeps calling me. And I’m trying not to overthink it, and just go for it. I put a bundle I bought recently and put next to it already. Let’s hope I can get to it soon.  

3 articles that I read this week

  1. Have you ever gotten overwhelm with the fabric stash you have? I recently felt this way (maybe because I went for a little spree recently), and this article really invoked me to really think about my stash and my fabric buying habit. Hate to admit, but I am really to take this seriously. 
  2. My blogging mentor has just launched a new book which I’m currently reading about courage and taking actions to live life the way you want. If you want a little taste of the book you can read her article HERE. Here is one part that strikes me the most. “There are no mistakes. Just lesson!”
  3. I love reading about the process and the feelings quilt makers go through. I am a big fan of this blog, her quilt making journey is always fun to read. Her recent post on the red quilt is sure one fun to read this week. 
My newly added fabric stash. I love them all, but I do feel a little anxious with these new addition.

New bundles that caught my heart but also put me to guilt:

I need to sew them soon.

3 things I am working on this week

  1. I cut charm squares from 6 fat quarters to make a simple square patches baby quilt for a local quilt class I’ll be teaching in September. So I’ll be working on piecing that if I have time. 
  2. I am also doing some more recording and editing for Free Motion Quilting Bootcamp. Those of you in the bootcamp, be sure to check in the class for updates for this week program run. Those who are not enrolled this time round, you can check out the free course I offer via email HERE> first. 
  3. Working on being more grateful and less complaining. Really, how can one be so grateful yet complain so much too. I am so guilty of that, but I’m working on it with more focus this week towards less complaining. 

Tell me about your fabric stash. Do you ever feel guilty with them?

comment below, I’d love to hear from you.






  1. I do feel guilty sometimes. But I always try to use what I have first before I buy anything now. And the stuff that I really am not going to use I give to a local school teacher who teaches sewing. What a better way to encourage younger people to quilt!

  2. Inspiration! I’ve had a selection of Anna Marie Horner “Leaning” prints setting on my table. Every time I walk by, I have been pondering which pattern would work best for the bunch.
    I just needed to read your post and be reminded that I have Camille Roskelley’s book Simply Retro, and that I fell in love with that exact pattern the book is opened to in your picture. I remember thinking I needed the right fabric to make that quilt, and that serendipitous moment has arrived!

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