I haven’t been in a blog hop for quite some time already, and I thought it’d be fun to start joining again. Today is my turn for the WISH UPON A STAR Blog Hop, hosted by lovely Carol.

I love finding new blogs and connecting to other quilt bloggers around the world. Besides, I always think that blog hops is a great way for accountability to make sure I get something done!

And to prove that, I did get something done! This project has been an unfinished object (UFO) for so long, I am glad it is finally complete and I am so happy with it. I did mentioned it in my post here as one of the project I’ll try to tackle this year. So, here I am throwing stones at two birds with the hop and with the mission to complete one UFO.

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Lucky Star BOM foundation paper piecing quilt

From blocks that was an UFO, to a finished wall hanging quilt.

Wall hanging quilt, Foundation Paper Piecing Quilt Lucky Star Quilt

I re-started this project by removing the papers from the blocks. These were paper pieced back in 2014. It was block of the month by Elizabeth Dackson called Lucky Star and at the time, I was obsessed about foundation paper piecing. These days, I am a little cool off from it. Though my recent project did involve foundation paper piecing too.

Foundation Paper piecing Stars, lots of photos of the finished quilt on the blog

Then I pieced the corner pieces so I can arrange the blocks in diagonal. There were 8 blocks that I manage to follow along at that time, but I decide to use only 7 as the other block wasn’t fitting. I chose navy blue as the background to mimic the dark sky at night. I think it fits well and give the block a little more pop of colour.

At this stage, I must say that the bulky seam annoys me at some points. These were made with so many little pieces, there were bound to have bulky seams at certain points.

I tried to flatten it as much as I can when I ironed it. At one point, I think I wanted to take a hammer and smash the seam point flat. Didn’t really do it cause I don’t really think that’ll work. Will it?

Machine Quilting

Anyway, I know I am going to struggle a little with the quilting due to the thick seams, but I was prepared for it. I started by stitching in the ditch along each the sides of each blocks.I used a walking foot for this.

Then, I decided to practice using my rulers – I created the secondary lines with a dot-to-dot technique using the quilting ruler. I used a Navy Aurifil thread to quilt in the navy background and for the stitch in the ditch.


I love mixing pebbles with other motifs. Just makes it bearable to quilt. Otherwise it would have been boring for me to keep quilting pebbles. I get bored quite easily.

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The blocks were simply stippled to ensure uniform quilting density across the whole quilt, and to make sure those patchwork are quilted down.


When it came to choosing the binding, I had two choices. I went on instagram to ask for opinion and I went with the winning poll. I think it was a good choice because of the reds in that fabric.

The red colour brings out the red from the blocks too.

Done and Displayed.

Now it is done, all bound and I hung it behind my blogging computer with few other mini quilts there.

Lucky Star Quilt more photos on the blog

I am so happy with it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed that progress – and if you are looking for more star quilts – check out the blogs I linked at the bottom of this post! We are on a 5-days blog hop challenge and I have been enjoying lots of stars hopping on these blogs. You can too.

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  1. What a beautiful project and I love how you quilted it also. Great way to use up all those older blocks with a fun layout to boot.

  2. Good Morning!
    What a lovely finish for the blog hop! You have to be quite pleased with it, as it sure looks nice hanging in your blogging area! I am quite intrigued with your calendar next to your computer screen. I’m wondering what all the post-it notes say or are for?! Anyway, thank you for sharing this great quilt with us. I do not enjoy paper piecing but do enjoy that others do! Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Janice Snell Reply

    Congrats on a wonderful finish. I like the accuracy of fpp but am not crazy about doing it. There seems to be a lot of wasted fabric and a lot of bulky seams. Nice to meet you and your blog

  4. Your stars are so beautiful, Amira, and your quilting is incredible! I had to laugh when you mentioned using a hammer. There really is a special hammer made for those seams. I saw it a couple years ago and should have bought it. It’s made of rubber so it won’t ruin the fabric when you pound on it. I love that wall of quilts and your stars are a gorgeous addition! Thank you so much for hopping with us today.

  5. I love your quilt…each unique star makes it so interesting!! I learned to FPP about a year ago and just love it!

  6. Terrific finish even if it took you a lit bit of time. Each star is cooler than the next. Great job on the quilting too. I’m not a fan of FPP.

  7. That is absolutely beautiful, as well as your sewing room. I’m a little jealous here! LOL!! Great job!

  8. I love your mini quilt! Such beautiful stars! I’ve done a little PP. Seems like the way to go for mini quilts.

  9. Lori Smanski Reply

    wow this turned out lovely. i love how all your stars are different. and yes the binding is perfect. your pebbles are wonderful with the stars. I love to paper piece and will have to look up some of these stars. thanks for sharing.

  10. It’s a beautiful little star quilt. I’m so glad you shared and I saw it.

  11. Great finish. Love your paper pieced blocks, and how nice to finish a UFO! Good job. Your quilting is gorgeous.

  12. No, I’m not a fan of paper-piecing, but I admire what others do with it. I do agree that was a lot of points, but I think you handled it really well. When I first looked at your top, I was sure you’d quilted feathers in there. I think the shapes you used made it seem that way. It’s gorgeous quilting and a gorgeous finish.

  13. I have not done a lot of paper piecing but I have enjoyed it for the most part when I do it. Your quilt is beautiful and I am glad this blog hop encouraged you to finish it.

  14. There are so many great looking stars in your quilt. Congrats on moving a UFO to the finished pile!!

  15. Kathleen McCormick Reply

    How great to get.a ufo done for this blog hop! The stars are gorgeous and you did a lovely job with the quilting.

  16. Robin Klein Reply

    Your quilting really shows off you’re blocks. Glad you had an excuse to complete a project. But then, I am the same way especially under pressure. I must say your quilting is outstanding..

  17. It’s a beautiful quilt. Your work is exquisite. I love your choice of binding. I think the other choice would have worked well, too. I’m sorry you had trouble with the bulky seams. I think a rubber mallet would work to help flatten the seams. There was a rubber mallet in the family. I lived on a dairy farm and we used a rubber mallet to loosen the lids on the milk cans when they were too tight to get off without help. I wish I had it for that purpose. I don’t have enough arm strength to do much damage to a quilt.

  18. Your quilt is amazing and the background helps them to just pop. The primary plus colors are a fresh choice. I love paper piecing so much. What do you use for the paper itself? I’ve tried various things and haven’t found one perfect solution. Just wondering what you prefer?

  19. Stunning!!! I took a look at the pic with all the little papers in a pile and gasped. I know how hard and time consuming it is to remove them. Your quilt looks lovely on the wall with all your others. Perfect hop to finish up the UFO.

  20. This is so beautiful and I’m sure you have a lot of hours in this one. I love it as you have it displayed and is really an inspirational piece. Love it, everything about it!!

  21. Hello! This is my first visit here, and I love your blog. I will surely be back; I’m a new follower. 🙂

    I was going to tell you about the little rubber mallet that some people use to pound their blocks into submission, but I see that another quilter has beaten me to it. I suspect that in addition to being useful, it must be a very satisfying tool.

    Your quilt is so pretty! I haven’t quilted with rulers yet, but am about to begin and when I do, I’ll be learning from what you do, I think.

  22. Beatiful quilt! My least favorite thing about paper piecing is removing the papers; takes such a long time. Great choices for the quilting & binding; the navy really sets off the blocks. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Kara Benavides Reply

    Beautiful quilt! I am impressed with that paper piecing. I have been struggling with that. One day I will not even have to think about it, and the next day, I am ruining fabric by cutting it backwards, etc. And I want to start with the complicated blocks (of course). Glad you completed your project!

  24. Your star quilt is gorgeous! I love the dark background, it makes the blocks pop.

  25. Carol Gardner Reply

    Your quilt is lovely. I would encourage you try hammering the seams if you have a lot of bulk in a future project. It’s a popular trick with garment sewing, especially denim, and makes a huge difference. It’s best if you have a smooth, clean hammer to use, then layer the quilt right side down on a clean piece of fabric (muslin, sheeting, etc.) and pound away.

  26. Mary J. Sanchez Reply

    It is a very beautiful blocks. It really is amazing what paper piecing can do. with the right colors of fabric.

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