Welcome to the 6th week post of the 52 weeks of hot pads / quilted pot holders.


I thought it would be a great challenge for me to do a pot holder a.k.a hot pads every single week of 2019.

I am planning on having it displayed in my kitchen. They make great decor don’t they?

While I am at it, I am going to be sharing with you a simple tutorial on the process.

You can join in the challenge and make the same hot pads I make every week with the same design or any of your own choice.

I am actually making this ahead of time since I’ll be travelling when you are this post goes out.

An because I was short of time, I decided to follow one of the tutorial already available on the web.

Another heart.

how to sew a pot holder series | 52 weeks of pot holders

Confession: I didn’t follow to the exactly the tutorial. I sort of was inspired and went on making it myself.

It is when I have completed the hot pad that I realised that the tutorial was much simpler and didn’t require the bias binding around the heart. Ugh, that is why there is a tutorial. To make life easier. Thank you tutorial maker.

I was short of time to hand sew the binding tape, and I decided to machine stitched it down – which is not the best, as it makes “my wobbly stitches” very obvious.

how to sew a pot holder series | 52 weeks of pot holders

Oh well, a slightly different version. But nonetheless, the idea came from this tutorial. So if you want to make one, follow the tutorial and the template from there.

I love the idea that we can simply fold this and make it a pot holder. So cute too.

how to sew a pot holder series | 52 weeks of pot holders


There you go, our 6th hot pad of the year!

Are you making it? Let me know if you are and tell me how it goes. 

Let me know if you need any help.

Till next time, have a fun time sewing!

Please spread the words. Pin it, Share it on Facebook. Let’s join in the fun.


Quilted Potholder Tutorial 52 weeks of hot pads | The Little Mushroom Cap

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  1. Very cute! It appears the links to the heart potholder are not working.

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