Welcome to the 3rd week post of the 52 weeks of hot pads / quilted pot holders.


I thought it would be a great challenge for me to do a pot holder a.k.a hot pads every single week of 2019.

I am planning on having it displayed in my kitchen. They make great decor don’t they?

While I am at it, I am going to be sharing with you a simple tutorial on the process.

You can join in the challenge and make the same hot pads I make every week with the same design or any of your own choice.

I love heart shapes.

And scrappy heart is one of my favourite.

Hence the pattern Scrappy Heart Pillow and I Heart Quilt.

In this post, I’m sharing another heart shape patchwork,

Pixelated Heart Quilted Hot Pad / Quilted Pot Holder

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1. Picked some strip / string scraps from my scrap box that were larger than 1.5″ wide or 1.5″ wide.

I have a box where I keep various sized strings scraps. You can read more about my scrap sorting process HERE>. If you don’t have string scraps, then just cut some strips or little 1.5″ squares from various fabric to create a scrappy look.

I picked short strips since I want variety.

From those strips, I cut 1.5″ squares.

You’ll need : light colours and heart colour (I went with pinks and reds)

Quilted Potholder Tutorial 52 weeks of hot pads 20


2. Piece 3 four patches

This is optional, but I wanted that white shiny reflection usually they have on heart shapes.

For this, I pieced 3 of the reds and one of the low volume together into a 4 patch. And I made 4 of them. Then I trim the four patch so that it become a 1.5″ square. I just want to avoid working with such a small piece at the machine.

Quilted Potholder Tutorial 52 weeks of hot pads 21

Quilted Potholder Tutorial 52 weeks of hot pads 23


3. Following the pixel pattern I drew on a grid paper, I place all the pieces onto a very lightweight fusible interfacing.

You can refer to the photo of the arranged pieces to make yours.


Quilted Potholder Tutorial 52 weeks of hot pads

4. Then I press the pieces with a hot iron to make it all stick to the fusible interfacing.

Starting from the right side, I fold the first column and start sewing 1/4″ away from the folded edge. This is done for all the column.

5. After I pressed the piece flat, I trim away the very edge of the folds, so that I can open the fold and press the seams open.


Isn’t that pretty? Something about tiny prints popping up all aligned just give that satisfaction.

6. Now I repeat to fold horizontally across all rows and repeat the process of sewing the 1/4″ away from each fold.

This time I didn’t trim, I simple press to one side. You can trim and press open if you want.


7. I then added the border to the block

I used 1.5″ strips, you can feel free to use whatever size you pleased. Remember, a hot pad can be of any size you prefer.

Measurements of the my strips are :

Top and bottom ones are 7.5″ x 1.5″,

and the sides are 9.5″ x 1.5″

Quilted Potholder Tutorial 52 weeks of hot pads

8. Prepare a hot pad batting or in my case here, I am testing out this reflective aluminium insulator, regular cotton batting and the backing fabric.


Quilted Potholder Tutorial 52 weeks of hot pads

9. Quilt as desired + Bind.

Baste well, and quilt.

I quilted mine with a simple meandering design, I just wanted to keep it simple.

I also made mine with a rounded corners. You can read more about making rounded corners and bias binding in the first posts of this 52 Weeks of Hot Pads.


Isn’t cute. I love the scrappiness.


Quilted Potholder Tutorial 52 weeks of hot pads 30

There you go, our 4th hot pad of the year!

Are you making it? Let me know if you are and tell me how it goes. 

Let me know if you need any help.

Till next time, have a fun time sewing!

Please spread the words. Pin it, Share it on Facebook. Let’s join in the fun.


Quilted Potholder Tutorial 52 weeks of hot pads | The Little Mushroom Cap

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  1. These weekly hot pads are so fun! Following along. Thanks for the tutorials ?

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