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I am going to try and post an episode at least once a month, so here is this month’s flosstube.

Come and visit me, bring your drink and stitching and let’s chat. 

Links and Mentions: First Coffee With Thy and Needle Pattern : https://hobbyhouseneedleworks.com/pro… 32 Count Evenweave Lugana Fabric Platinum: http://shrsl.com/3ynfo Free Do Everything in Love Pattern by Silver Creek Samplers: https://www.silvercreeksamplers.com/d… 25 Count Vintage Cloth Oatmeal: http://shrsl.com/3ynft Lila’s Studio Spring Quaker Pattern : http://shrsl.com/3razt 40count Vintage Country Mocha Linen : http://shrsl.com/3razu HashTag for Spring Quaker SAL : #springissuretofollowsal by @HyggeStitcher Kaleidoscope Book : http://shrsl.com/32tdb Kaleidoscope Bed Runner Finish Blog Post: https://www.thelittlemushroomcap.com/kale… Fabric Flair Pale Grey Gingham 14 count: http://shrsl.com/3oz09 DMC Threads. I Used (834, 600, 3812 for Kaleidoscope Project): http://shrsl.com/3oz0j A bee C Pattern: https://shrsl.com/3oioq White Winter Moth Pattern: http://shrsl.com/3razp 40 Ct Slate Newcastle Linen : http://shrsl.com/3razo HashTag for White Winter Moth SAL : #whitewintermothsal by @SeattleStitcher Duo Flosstubes I love:    / @we.are.curiouscr…   | – Carolyn and Anna    / @stitchyfriends   | Stitchy friends – sarah & jenn    / @welcomestitchery…   | Welcome stitchery – wips and stitch justin and shelly    / @antiqueneedlewor…   | Antique Needleworkers – Shelley and Liz 

If you are new to the term flosstube, here are some details and some of my favourite floss tuber that you may be interested to check out too!

What is Flosstube?

Flosstube is a term used to describe a niche community on YouTube dedicated to cross-stitching and embroidery and some even share about quilting too!

Flosstube creators known as flosstubers share their works in progress (WIPs), finished pieces, tips, and techniques related to cross-stitching and embroidery.

The name flosstube comes from “floss,” which is the term used for the embroidery thread used in cross-stitching.

The community has grown in popularity over the years, with thousands of subscribers and viewers tuning in to watch their favorite creators share their passion for this craft.

Basically, the Flosstube World is a community where cross-stitching friends chat about their current projects, hauls, and other stitching-related topics.

Quilting cross stitch

My Flosstube has a new episode!

Did you know that I started a floss tube too? They are on my YouTube channel, but in these episodes, I keep the chat entered around cross-stitching projects. 

Come and catch up with me and my sister in this latest episode, Episode #4 as we chat all about the cross stitch projects we’re working on on our plans. 


Mentions and links

Some of my favourite flosstubers:

Elizabeth Ann Can Stitch: Her chat is a happy time for me! She never fails to make me laugh and her projects are a lot of fun and I can see making the same projects as hers too. She also quilt!!

A recovered Monogamous Stitcher: Karen is just very organised and she is a prolific cross stitcher! She just has lots to share and I love her projects. She also make quilts and her quilts are showcase standard.

Antique Needleworkers : These two duo are the best! They have looong videos but are a delight to have as I sew and stitch. You have to watch 

Meghan of the Seattle Stitcher: I love the projects Meghan is working on and love her updates on books too!




Barn Star Sampler Quilt Along

This Quilt Along starts on January 27 with Fat Quarter Shop.

You can pick up your book HERE on Amazon or

at Fat Quarter Shop.

They sold out so many times already! It is such a great book


Making my first block for the Barn Star Sampler Quilt

I am finally going through my Anna Maria Horner’s stash and I have decided to mix it up with Tula Pink Tiny Dots and Stripes and the Tiny Beast Collection to have more varieties.

They’ll be the perfect bundle to make this fun star quilt with all those deep colours!

I love the colours of my Tula Pink 100 days 100 blocks Quilt HERE, and this would be another bright quilt for sure!

Barn Star Sampler Quilt Along

As I mentioned in the previous blogpost where I posted the list of the fun quilt along for 2023 HERE, I was only going to be using only Anna Maria Horner’s (AMH) Fabrics and some backgrounds.

However, as I picked my fabric for the first block, I know that I WAS NOT going to be brave mixing up all the florals bright motifs light how Anna always does with her quilts. 

I still fell like I needed the smaller prints to get a good balance.

And it was so hard to cut off those beautiful prints with large motifs!

Another update on my version of this fun free sampler quilt along for 2023 !

You can find all about Sewcialites 2, a free sampler quilt along 2023 HERE>.

There are free video tutorials, so if you are a beginner, be sure to pick up all the tips Kimberly has for you as she sews the blocks in the videos. I love picking up various tips from different quilters as they teach me become a better quilter.

While there’s no hard and fast rule in quilting, there are definitely some time-saving tips and piecing tricks that just make things easier that we can pick up by watching other quilters sew. 

I learned so much from sewing along last round for Sewcialites I,

You can see my first Sewcialites quilt (also a free sampler quilt) HERE>

This round I’m sewing mine using a fat quarter bundle by Tasha Noel called the Quilt Fair!

Tasha Noel Quilt Fair

Block #10-15 Sewcialites 2 QAL

I am all caught up at the point of me writing this blogpost. In this post, I’ll share my thoughts on catching up on the bandwagon when you missed a lot of weeks in a quilt along.

There’s something about just jumping and starting a new project. It’s exciting and fun! 

And even better when the quilt only take a day to put together. Well, at least the quilt top, that is. 

I decided to jump in with the Moda Charm Pack Challenge and grabbed one of the charm pack that is already in my stash. 

You can join in too and grab the Grab the Charm Pack Quilt Pattern: FREE PATTERN HERE>. Make sure you make it and tag @modafabrics and use the hashtag #charmpackchallenge on Instagram. You can see some inspiration there too. 

Picking out the charm pack

I have enough charm pack to start this project. It only uses one charm pack!

This is great for this stash of Charm Packs you already have in stash.

But if you want to check out for more fun Charm Packs that are currently ON SALE, Check it out HERE>

The pattern is perfect for the charm pack with bright colours or with those two colour line.

I picked out the background fabric and cut out the required background units. I selected only the full colour charm squares and omit those with lighter colours to ensure I get good contrast with the background.

It is time for another update of my Sewcialites 2 quilt!

You can find all about this free Sewcialites 2 quilt along and the free sampler quilt pattern HERE>.

There are free video tutorials, so if you are a beginner, be sure to pick up all the tips Kimberly has for you as she sews the blocks in the videos. I love picking up various tips from different quilters as they teach me become a better quilter.

While there’s no hard and fast rule in quilting, there are definitely some time-saving tips and piecing tricks that just make things easier that we can pick up by watching other quilters sew. 

I learned so much from sewing along last round for Sewcialites I,

You can see my first sewcialites quilt HERE>

This round I’m sewing mine using a fat quarter bundle by Tasha Noel called the Quilt Fair!

Tasha Noel Quilt Fair

Block #3 Sewcialites QAL

I decided to do a little bit of fussy cutting for the centre!

As we head into the new year,  it is always nice to start making goals and plans for our quilting projects. 

I am all about having fun in the quilting part of my life, but I still would like to feel organized and productive. 

Hence, a good plan and some goals would be necessary. 

Reflect on the past

Before planning for what is to come, it is good to reflect on the past. This is to make sure we’re not repeating what’s not working and to do more of what’s working. 

As I reflected in 2022 back in this post HERE, I realized that I did not get any quilts done for gifting. I had wanted to make some but really didn’t put any into a good plan. 

So this year, I am making intention AND a plan to go with it.

I guess 2022 was the year to gain back some momentum from the pandemic and I didn’t want to stress myself up too much with detail planning. 

Planning for gifts early in the year

I think some loose plans are great, and if we start planning early in the year – those goals might just be achievable by the end of the year.

Since I have the intention of gifting out quilts and quilty items this year, I am going to plan it out so I will get to do that.

Decide who will get a handmade-by-you-quilty-gift this year

First I am listing out the special people that I want to gift my handmade quilty gifts this year. This can be for their birthday present, or just for any special occasion like a birth of a new baby or a wedding. I have one baby in mind for 2023, our future niece/nephew. And I have a long list of family members whom I want to make quilts for. I hope this is the year I get to do that!

Decide what you are going to make

Of course making quilts for everyone isn’t the best plan because quilts really takes a lot of time and labour to make. Maybe quilts are for close family members while others can still get pillow cases, table runners or even pouches!

patchwork quilt block pouch

You can also make pouches from an orphan blocks. Check that post HERE>

Or make table runners for those who deserves a quilt, but maybe you don’t have the time to make one just yet. I made a few that I can’t part with with in the past years, maybe I’ll try and make some that I will surely gift away this year. But my biggest goal this year is for the closest family members who haven’t receive quilts from me. I think many of my family have received pouches or small items from me. It is time for their quilts. 

So this year, my biggest goal is to make their quilts. I have set at least 3 quilts that are surely to be done by this year to gift away. That seems like a reasonable number looking back at the number of quilt I can get done in a year for the past years. Besides, I already have some of these in the work in progress pile. Which come to my next tip, before you plan new projects for the new year, 

go through the work in progress pile first!

Pile of Quilt UFO and WIP

If you are an avid quilter like me, you probably have a pile of work in progress here and there. Maybe lots of quilt top done and just waiting to be quilted. That will make the perfect gift for this year! It is already close to the finish line and the earlier you get them done, the better!

It will be such a good feeling to finish off some of those. That will surely kicks in the momentum for the whole year. So that is what I’ll be working on the first quarter of the year.

Quilting quilt tops into quilts

Here are the quilt tops that I have in my w.i.ps stash ready to quilted for this year. And I have decided to put a future owner for these as I’ll be gifting them all away. I am planning for simple all-over design quilting for all of them to speed up the process and to just keep it simple! If you want some ideas on what design to quilt with that are easy and fast, you can check out this post HERE where I listed 20+ free motion quilting designs.Together quilt

Simply Stars Quilt

layer cake free pattern

Layer Cake Spool Quilt

Home sweet home Quilt

The Sweet Life Quilt

Kit new projects with the stash you already have

I am also kitting up some new projects with the stash I already have. You need to plan to use your stash too this year! So why not make a plan early so that you don’t end up not using them all year again. I’m sure many of use falls into the trap of buying new fabrics, which sounds like a fun plan for sure. But if we plan well, I’m sure we already have what we need in our stash.

So, that’s what I did. With the person to receive the quilt in mind, I went through my stash and picked up the fabrics and patterns I need to kit it all up ready for when I feel like starting a new project. 

As I went and did this, I found some fun fabrics to use from the past Sew Sampler Box that I haven’t used yet. While they may not be the fabrics that I would buy myself, they make perfect match with the person I had in mind. So, it’s great to get surprise boxes like the Sew Sampler Box to kind of add in things that you may not buy for yourself. Which makes it easier to make and gift away too. You can read more about my review of Sew Sampler Box HERE>

Allow some room for new things 

Finally, just allow some room for new things and new projects. I am bound to be distracted I’m sure. But with some loose plans like this, I hope to get more productive this year and gift away many more quilts!

In brief, here’s the outline on How to plan for your quilting projects

  1. Reflect on the past years, to see what is working and what is not
  2. Make a list of the people you want to gift your handmade items this year
  3. Make a reasonable gift ideas in mind for each one of them. It is also nice to have the top 3 priorities this year. 
  4. Go through you work in progress pile to find any projects that will suits and almost at the end
  5. Plan to work on those projects first so that you’ll gain momentum
  6. Kit up new upcoming projects with the stash you already have.
  7. Allow some room for new projects that may come in the year. 

So, are you ready to plan for 2023? Tell me in the comment below, what are the top three projects you want to work in 2023?

Till then, have fun planning and quilting!

The year 2022 review, Quilting Projects I worked on this year.

I reviewed back on what I worked on this year or at least the one that has been blogged about. Because honestly,  I don’t really remember what’s being done in what year if I don’t keep the record on the blog. 

That is one of the reasons I love blogging. It is a journal of all the things that were made in my sewing room. 

This year I realized I haven’t finished as many quilts, but life with a 2-year-old, 6 and 11-year boys plus a full-time job is a handful already.

Crafting for my mental health.

I am blessed to call my quilting time, my “me time”. The time when I get to just have a mental escape.

I have been anxious a lot this year with more responsibility at work, so lots of break were definitely needed.

I am so thankful that I can still take those breaks, and recharged through my sewing. 

Getting things done and making things with your hand is truly satisfying and can surely improve the overall being. I feel relaxed and can just have fun. 

You can read more about how crafting can help your mental health HERE>

So here goes, here are all the projects I got done this year!

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know that I love quilt along. It is one of those things that keeps me excited and it is just a good amount of motivation and accountability.

Since it is already nearing the end of 2022,  I am listing out some of the fun quilt along that potentially I’ll be joining in for next year! I love to plan out for the new year.

I would love to invite you along with me!

Another fun quilt along that I’m updating today. This one will be a combination of big quilt blocks and small ones, so it’s definitely a fun one.

This fun quilt along is hosted by Fat Quarter Shop using the book Simply Half Yards, but with a FREE new layout. The setting is beautiful and I can never get enough star blocks, so it was an easy YES for me to join the quilt along.