A little more update on the progress of my blue and white Patchwork Barn quilt.

I have posted the previous progress HERE>  and HERE>

From the last post, I have made 12 more blocks and I am happy to say that I only have 9 more blocks to go to complete 72 blocks required for the quilt. 

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Blue and White Quilt Pattern: Patchwork Barn by Edyta Sitar

The pattern is Patchwork Barn by Edyta Sitar but I may change the layout since I am not really into the barn center of the original quilt design. 

Here is how the final quilt will look like if I decide to follow through with the pattern.

Patchwork Barn Sampler Quilt

Now that I am close to the end of making the blocks, I am thinking maybe the barn is fine, but I may opt out the applique around the barn. I don’t know, we’ll see.

The blocks are 6.5″ unfinished and there are 3 blocks for each block design. The pattern calls for the blocks to be in the same fabrics, but I decided to do each of the three blocks for each design from different fabric combo. Just adding to the scrappy look. 

New Quilt Blocks added:

Patchwork Barn Sampler Quilt

I can’t piece without this small cute rotating mat anymore. Definitely one tool that I must have when I am piecing. 

Helpful USeful Quilting Notion

Useful Sewing Notions

These notions have been helping me get more done without having to get up and away from my sewing machine:


These portable design boards have been super useful letting me prep whenever I have time.


Let’s look at some of my favourite blocks out of these 18 blocks.

Pinwheel Quilt Blocks

The pinwheel blocks was surely fun to make. They just bring a happy vibe…

Basket Quilt Block

I enjoyed hand appliqueing the basket’s handles while making these blocks. 

Due to the way the blocks were made, I decided to make the body from the same fabric. 

As usual, there will always be time with the seam ripper. OOpsy. 

And then there’s this fun suprise I found when piecing one of the log cabin variation block. The mushroom right in the centre! How fun is that. 

Well, I have 9 more blocks to go and I am excited to piece them all together after that!

I will surely be updating again soon, hopefully you won’t get bored of this project just yet.

Thanks for stopping by! Have fun Quilting.


  1. How fun. I have that pattern from The Quilt Show too. I have a bunch of orphan 6 1/2″ squares, so thought I would use them instead. I have a couple of cousins that live on a farm, so may make it for them with the barn middle. Fun to watch your progress.

  2. Rosemary B Reply

    I adore reading the latest on your adventure sweet mommy Amira.
    I know these days. I know sewing is your “me time” but face it: you must sew.
    Yesterday I had my daughter and three babies (8 mos, 2 and 3) over at my house.
    I have a big house, lots of room to run. Daughter’s house was hot and getting a new A/C. So, I had the best time playing with my grand girls, we had such fun playing in the house (daughter forgot their shoes hahaha) we had toys everywhere.
    But, I have my sewing room visibly open but cordoned off. It is the morning room, very large area. I kept glancing over, looking at my sewing projects. We love sewing.
    The Patchwork Barn is beautiful, and a perfect project to work on in little times available.
    Enjoy this time in your life. Every day is a treasure, and making a quilt while taking care of your little ones is always a good memory

  3. This is so beautiful it makes me want to cry. I don’t know how I found you but I did. I have been so busy during the pandemic organizing my home. Next year my word will be quilt! This year was Organize.

  4. Teresa Sinor Reply

    I haven’t had the time to do the class work with you but I am saving your emails to do when I do get time. Appreciate you.

  5. I enjoy your blog. I’ve taken your free motion boot camp course and now love free motion quilting. Love how you organize scraps and how you use them in other projects.

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