Here is some progress on my very first patriotic sampler quilt. 

You want to read till the bottom of this post cause I have a confession to make, and maybe you can spot what I meant as we go through this post.

I am a sucker for a sampler quilt. I just love the idea of making different blocks and they keep me excited to come to my sewing room. 

There are times when I do love just mundane repetitive piecing but I think I could get those feeling when I’m doing all over quilting. Hence, when I piece, I really like something that is challenging or at least requires a little more brainpower.

Hence, I have been enjoying making Sampler Quilts. 

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Sampler quilts that are accompanied by a quilt along are hard to pass and they are usually more fun as we get to see different versions of the same quilts and blocks. 

I also love the idea of accountability in a quilt-along. I love that whenever I see others making the blocks and posting them on social media, I am reminded to make mine too. 

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Riley Blake Design Block Challenge

Riley Blake Design is running a quilt along from Jan 4th to May 17th that is named the RBD Block Challenge which I suppose has lived to its name so far. 

You can click here to get the free patterns for all the blocks they have offered so far.

You can also join the Facebook Group here to see lots of blocks being made in various fabrics by quilters from all over the world. 

Now, since it is a challenge, the blocks are more advanced.

It is definitely not for beginner quilters. 

As I was making my first few blocks, I had to rip a lot. Because there were so many points to match. 

But they make beautiful blocks! So they are totally worth it. 

Besides, it made me slow down and really focus on getting the block right. Learning things as I progress. 

Fabric Choices

I chose to make mine in patriotic colors from an older collection by Riley Blake Designs. I just love the florals goodness with the deep colors of this collection. 

You can get a similar vibe with the newer collection HERE>


Patriotic Sampler Quilt

Since I am going with this collection, this is going to turn into a patriotic sampler quilt. Perfect for the upcoming Independence day (for Malaysia, that’ll be in August)

I have never made a quilt with just these colors before.

Of course, these are the American Flag colors, but the Malaysian Flag is not much different from the American Flag, except that we have a Yellow Star which represents the royalty of the Monarchy system we have in Malaysia. 

Flag of Malaysia

But, I live in the state of Johor. Which also has its own flag. And the color of the flag are blue, white and red. Hence, either way, it is still the same Patriotic feeling as I am making these blocks.  

Flag for the State of Johor

I have a few more blocks to catch up with the quilt along, but I am excited to see the blocks coming together. 

Tools I love using for this project

  • Diagonal Seam Tape. This is a game-changer when it comes to making lots of HST. No more marking on the fabric, and they work perfectly great. Tape it to the machine, and keep an eye on the tape to guide the fabric through.

Portable design board

  • Stripology Squared Ruler – this is so easy to use for trimming the many HST’s we have in these blocks. I use this to square up all the units that are larger than 2.5″ square.

  • Seam Roller. I used this a lot for piecing the units together. This helps to cut time pressing the seams. I press the block with a hot iron only when the units are large or when the block is all done. 

Overall, I truly enjoy the challenges of these blocks. And the blocks are unique and ones that I have never made before. 

Here is what I’ve made so far, I have two more to catch up on in time, but I think I’ll batch that in the next round of piecing. I do think that is how I am approaching this quilt this time around due to time constraints. 


Hmmm…. now that I have this on the blog, I am seeing a mistake I made.

I missed seeing it in real life, but in photos, they just show up. That is why I love taking photos of the progress.

Can you spot where’s the mistake? Leave a comment if you see it!

I am going to be with the seam ripper correcting that block… hint-hint.. I laid it out correctly, but pieced it wrong. How did I know? Cause I have a photo of the block pieces laid out in the post too!


Are you joining along this Riley Blake Design Block Challenge too? Have you made a Patriotic Quilt before?


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  1. Ada Chinery Reply

    I think the piecing mistake is in your maple leaf block.
    I love the fabrics you have found to use.

  2. Your blocks are beautiful! The mistake is one of the points on the maple leaf block.

  3. Wow what gorgeous blocks ! I didn’t know that you are in Malaysia ,how wonderful . ♥️♥️

  4. Beautiful work. I really love all of the blocks and it reminds me of the classes I took where I learned to sew my very first Quilt,

  5. Your patriotic quilt is quite beautiful and I love it. I also love the fact that our countries share the same colors!
    I started making a patriotic quilt about year or so ago, but I got distracted by other projects. My husband and daughter suddenly had 2 jackets each that needed the zippers replaced! Plus my daughter needed a pair of pants repaired. So-o-o-o, the patriotic quilt remains in my UFO pile. (AKA “I’ll get a round tuit” pile?) I’m SO easily distracted it’s ridiculous! But I truly enjoy sewing and quilting and could happily do it virtually any time, any day.

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