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I am so excited to be sharing a new finish. And it happens to be Friday when I post this, so I thought, let’s kick start a Friday Finish Party on this blog.

Quilt Link Up Party Friday Finish

Friday Finish Party!

I think a Friday Finish would be a good way to motivate me to get things to the finish line. Let’s see if I can keep up though. It can be small finishes or even big quilts. If you have a finish that you want to share, please upload your link or photo in this blogpost in the InLinkz section below this post. You have until next Friday to link up for this week. 

If you have any problem uploading, let me know. I’ll try my best to help. 

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Well, here’s my finish this Friday:

Scrappy Quilt from Block Swap 2011

Back in 2011, I joined a block swap event where I actually requested the postage stamp block and the stripy HST. 

I ended up with a mix-matched pieces and although I love each one dearly, it was really hard for me to put them together. 

The blocks ended up in the Orphan block pile for quite some time because I really don’t know how to put them together.  

Scrappy Quilt Swap

I do love them though. They remind me of how fun it is being connected with other quilters around the world, and even though I may never get to meet the makers of these blocks, I have a piece of their work with me, and for that, I cherish it.

Are you looking for an easy gift to sew?

Well, I have a fun quick project that will be the cutest gift to make for Quilty friends or even for anyone really. The bucket can be so versatile for a lot of use.

I am actually making these to gift to my son’s teacher as a farewell gift. We are planning to fill it in with teacher’s items like pens, notebooks and other fun things. 

Little Snippet Thread Catcher

I made more vinyl front zipper project bags!

Last time I talked about how we can organise current work in progress in this POST HERE.

I am currently loving project bags to keep things organised and there’re so many potential fabrics that will be perfect for this, that I just want to keep making them!

Here are two of my recent one made, 

I bought this fun patchwork panel and I know that I wanted to make project bags from it!

The bright colour is perfect for a fun project bag. 

Drawstring bags are so easy to sew. If you’ve never sewn one, you can make a simple one without the lining fabric or just two pieces of fabric. 

If you want to use up leftover jelly rolls, I have another tutorial HERE for that. 

In this post, I am sharing you another fun version, because it is always fun to patch up the panels before sewing it up into bags. 

Patchwork Gingham Drawstring Bag

This time I decided to make a patchwork gingham panel to start with!

I have always wanted to make a gingham quilt, and I have this idea of piecing it easily with strip piecing.

Small projects like this is perfect to try it out!

Holiday table runner or pillow can easily spruce up a space in your home and get it ready for the season. And they’re among my favorite quick projects to make! 

This time I was aiming for the upcoming Holiday Season as this table runner / bench pillow is one of the FREE PATTERN that I am sharing for this year!



Mix and Matching fabrics

It all started with this bundle! I pulled from various fat quarters in my stash. I knew I wanted some bright orange and teal in the bundle. A slight change to the traditional green and red for the traditional holiday season. 

I ended up not using all of it in my project, but the colours still remain.

You can read more about the general process I use to mix and match fabric HERE with lots of tips too. 

quilted bench pillow pattern

Pattern writing

I planned out the pattern on my computer and went ahead to sew it while noting down all the measurements. The pattern is a fully illustrated pattern step-by-step to making each of the blocks and putting it all together. 

It takes longer on the computer than it takes to make the project, but it was well worth it!

I hope you’ll enjoy the pattern!

Free Motion Quilting

Small projects like this is also a great opportunity to practice free motion quilting!

I did spiral quilting on this one. I love the texture of the spirals against the stars and the presents.

quilted bench pillow pattern

Making it into a convertible Table Runner and bench Pillow

Any quilted piece can easily be turned into a pillow by adding in another layer of fabric behind the quilt.

I’ll show you how you can easily do this below.

You can apply the same technique for any small quilted table toppers and table runners.

seasonal quilt pattern christmas table runner bench pillow

Christmas table runner free pattern

If you decide to make a convertible runner / pillow, you can quilt the top without the backing fabric. Simply quilt the quilt top with the batting without the backing fabric.

Then, piece the backing by adding in the zipper and trimming it to size of the quilt top. 

For this particular pattern, you’ll need two pieces measuring 28″ x 15″ and 26″ x 15″ for the pillow backing.


Then it is time to bind it all together just as you would a quilted table runner, except now, you have a zipper opening to squeeze in the pillow insert!

You may need to DIY your own pillow insert since it is highly likely that the table runner is not a common pillow insert that you can find. Use some muslin fabrics or any cheaper fabrics to make the pillow insert.

I ended up loving it as a bench pillow more and it fits perfectly on my mum’s bench over at her house. So there it will live. 

quilted bench pillow pattern   quilted bench pillow pattern

Holiday Table Runner

If you want to use for the table, simple pull the pillow insert, and put it on the table! An option to use the same piece of quilted item. 

holiday table runner free christmas pattern

I have joined in with 24+ amazing quilters and quilt designers to contribute a pattern for a special Holiday Bundle that is FREE for all of our amazing readers and followers this coming 10th-14th November!

This is a thank-you gift from us to YOU! Cause you’ve been an amazing supporter all these years.. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. 

You’ll be added to our list of newsletters, but feel free to unsubscribe at any time, you might just find new quilters you’ll love to follow!

This pattern was a part of the EVENT PASSPORT to Quilting on November 10th-14th 2022. However, you can still grab my pattern for this convertible table runner through the form below. 





Another quilt done and bound. This is my first patriotic quilt. We don’t usually decorate our house with patriotic things, but some of us do. An even if they do, it is normally just outside their home. I’ll share some of those when August comes. 

As Malaysian, we celebrate our Independence Day in the month of August. 31st of August will be the date we were free, in Malay we called this Merdeka. This year of 2022 will be our 65th Year of Independence. 

Hence, I’d like to call this my Merdeka Quilt. 

If you’re wondering why the colors are the same as the American flag (Americana colours) except for the yellows, you can read more about the colour choices at the beginning of making this quilt HERE>

America’s flag and the Malaysia flag is very much the same isn’t? Which is lucky for me because next time, I can also make the same stripes from lots of patterns available.

There are plenty of Americana Quilts Patterns out there that I can use too which makes it a lot more fun. 

Patriotic Quilt

As with all the sampler quilts, this one was definitely an enjoyable one to make. 

I get bored when piecing or cutting 100’s of the same size units, hence sampler quilt is my go-to quilts. 

You can seee some of previous Sampler Quilts in my previous post below:

This time, I took the time to get some more Drone Photos just like when I did with Sewcialites Quilt! It is always exciting to get to do this and I ought to do it more often. Looking at quilts from far above is quite a view.

I haven’t been in a blog hop for quite some time already, and I thought it’d be fun to start joining again. Today is my turn for the WISH UPON A STAR Blog Hop, hosted by lovely Carol.

I love finding new blogs and connecting to other quilt bloggers around the world. Besides, I always think that blog hops is a great way for accountability to make sure I get something done!

I told you before, I kind of got addicted to swapping early this year and got myself into few swaps over at instagram. (I am @amira_littlemushroomcap by the way). This is probably the last swap for this year as I can’t commit myself and pose more due dates. I am writing thesis this year and really…that has been the main focus and energy this year and I must say I will be a little slow in the sewing department. In fact, for this swap, I had to tell my swap host who happen to be my partner too! that I will be late. I am not usually like that, but the travel, moving house, and studies had probably had something to do with that.

Though I’m busy, I will be sure not to be too quiet here or on instagram. I know, my creative outlet is probably one of the reasons that keep me going, keeping me positive and I intend to keep that while I write my thesis.

Anyway,……enough said, for the quilt, I decided to make the mini quilt with a classic block, the Ferris wheel. With Dresden style piecing and a little bit of appliqué, this mini quilt was born!

Make your own mini quilt :

Free Foundation Paper Template

You can also make one with a foundation piece available from TLMC Resource Library. Find Ferris Wheel Mini Quilt. If you haven’t joined the library, go subscribe and get the FREE access code.

tula pink swap_ mini quilt package

I chose some of my favourite Tula Pink fabrics in rainbow of colours and also made a pouch with little hexies on it. I am glad the mini quilt has arrived safely in Emma (@joworimakes) and she had enjoyed the package. I love the joy of giving and maybe that is one of the reasons I joined swaps. Of course, receiving is also fun and a great surprise. Gotta love happy mail right?

Till then,

Quilty Hugs,